Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SIGN and SHARE the Petition to CLOSE DOWN ZOO at FANTASYLAND, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Thank you for visiting the blog but it is not enough, I need your help with signatures, ideas and local and international support so we can relocate these animals and put a full stop to this every happening again in Saudi Arabia.

Please SIGN THE PETITION - then please share it with everyone you know.  It is hard to get through to the right people and make a change.  Yet all the laws are in place in Saudi Arabia and for Muslims, so we have all the facts supporting us.  Yet we do need all the support we can get, from both the Saudi and international community to raise awareness.  The petition will be kindly presented to the Saudi Wildlife Commission, who we trust are merciful and caring, as a symbol of international concern for the abuses at the zoo at Fantasyland, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, but we need as many signatures as possible - our goal is 5000. 

1 comment:

  1. I've been waiting months for you to get 5,000 signatures and finally you are one away. Living in Riyadh myself, I find it hard to believe this will be enough to make any change but I honestly hope it does. How will we know about the progress??